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Name, area of responsibility and purpose of the organisation/community

1.1 The name of the organization/community is: "Danish Contact Karate Organization", abbreviated DKKO.

1.2 DKKO is intended as an interest organization/community of various Contact Karate Clubs.

1.3 DKKO's main purpose is to bring together Contact Karate Clubs, for joint events, for the benefit of the club's members, as well as to ease the administrative burden for the active members in the individual clubs.

1.4 DKKO can, among other things, consist of the following subsections, which are divided according to style:
• Kyokushinkai Karate
• Two Sei Kai
• Shin Go Ryu
Subdivisions are created as needed.

1.5 As a starting point, each style can decide who can be included in their subdivision.
However, all clubs in the organization have the right to veto the admission of clubs in all sub-divisions.

The organization's affiliation with foreign countries

2.1 DKKO's clubs can be members of various International Organizations within their own styles.

2.2 DKKO will eventually find international partners.

Daily operation

3.1 The clubs that have founded DKKO share DKKO's valuables, in the event of DKKO's dissolution.

3.2 The day-to-day operations are carried out in the various clubs. Each club is itself responsible for all initiatives and events that they hold. The community must be asked to ensure that the other clubs are happy to make referees, assistants and instructors available.

3.3 DKKO may not incur debt.

3.4 The quota is DKK 200 annually. The paid quota, as well as other income, goes to DKKO's day-to-day operations, such as

Annual club meeting

4.1 At the beginning of each year, all the clubs get together and synchronize their calendars, so that there is the greatest possible chance that everyone can participate in each other's activities.

4.2 The annual meeting is also an opportunity to adopt various measures in DKKO. Each club has one vote.

4.3 DKKO's highest authority is the annual meeting.


5.1 The clubs work as far as possible to organize the following events once a year:
• Danish Championship in kata
• 3 fight tournaments
• Danish Championship in Contact Karate
• BS Cup
• Combat seminar
• DKKO Summer camp
• To Sei Kai Winter Camp
• Camp Himmerland

5.2 In connection with Danish Championship, only clubs in DKKO can participate.

5.3 Other arrangements are very welcome

Admission of clubs

6.1 Registration of new clubs takes place by contacting a DKKO Club. Admission is conditional solely on new clubs complying with DKKO's Guidelines.

Exclusion of clubs

7.1 Exclusion of a club is considered valid if:
• A club violates DKKO's Guidelines.
• A club deliberately opposes DKKO's Community.

These guidelines were adopted on 14 April 2018

DKKO samling udendørs
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